The kind of Art that kids LOVE

  • These drawing classes are hosted on a weekly basis
  • Students can sign-up any time throughout the year and can attend the class for any number of months
  • Classes are 2 hours long
  • Brand new lessons are presented to each class every week, so there is always something new to do and learn



Drawing lessons are presented in an easy step-by-step format. Each student receives a printed version of the steps and a teacher will do a walk-through on a white-board at the front of the class. But the drawing steps are intended meerly as a starting-point…

Students are encouraged to use creative thinking to create art, and not to focus on trying to be a perfect copyist. 

“Every time a new student timidly asks me if
they MAY change this or that about a drawing, I give them
as much encouragement as possible.
Something along the lines of
‘Absolutely! Change anything… whatever you want!’

The purpose of our classes is to teach students how do draw anything they can think of, by teaching technique, providing inspiration, and giving freedom in equal amounts.

Tap on a lesson below for a full view.

Click here for more Cartoon Drawing Tutorials.

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