Thursdays 3 to 5pm
Saturdays 9 to 11am
NEW – Saturdays 12 to 2pm

COST: R620 per month

An ongoing class that
kids can join at any time throughout the year

This weekly class is for kids who love to draw. We teach them about comic and cartoon anatomy, anime styles, character design, how to draw animals, background drawing, and how to create comics.

We don’t do any kind of Fine Art here – Its all about the kind of art that kids want. They want to learn about animation and designing characters. Not about shading a ball or drawing a bowl of fruit!

Of course, Fine Art provides undeniable fundamentals that are essential for anyone interested in art careers, but we are more interested in inspiring a positive love for art and creative imagination.

How the Year Works

The year is split up into short courses that tackle certain subjects. Each course is a couple of weeks long.
Here are some subjects we’ll be exploring this year:

How to Draw Kids • Drawing detailed Cartoon Faces • Dynamic Poses • Drawing Ninjas • How to Draw Dragons • Animals like Cats & Dogs • Easy Light and Shadow Techniques • Drawing Clothing • Anime (Semi-Realistic) Anatomy • Inking Techniques • How to Draw Environments (Interiors and Landscapes) for Comics • Comic Paneling

All through the year, we encourage students to find their style.
Each class has a specific outcome, but kids can adapt the lessons to their own interests.

Class Dates and Times

15:00 to 17:00

09:00 to 11:00

12:00 to 14:00

• Students between 11 and 16 years can join any class day.
• Every class is split into smaller groups with one of our 3 teachers.

Students must bring their own stationery to class.

How to Register

Follow the link and complete the Registration Request form.
We will contact you with availability and set up a date for a trial class.