Group class for homeschooled students.


12:00 to 14:00


In these classes, we teach kiddies how to draw animals, characters, people and backgrounds in cartoon, comic or anime art styles.

All the drawings we do in class are unique and created by the teachers, so each week is something brand new!

Lessons are presented step-by-step.

How to Register

Complete the Registration Request form above.
We will contact you with availability and confirm a date for a trial class.

New students may register anytime throughout the year.

Class Content

If the class becomes large, the class will be split accordingly for better learning:
Content will also be adjusted to suit each age-group:
• Group 1 – ages 8 to 11
• Group 2 – 12 to 16

Classroom and Safety

The classrooms are walled and fenced off, so no child may leave on their own.
Bathroom breaks are taken whenever needed. Students are escorted by a teacher.