15:00 to 17:00

R720 per month

An exiting class in which we explore subjects to spark imagination and creative thinking.

For high-school kids who are looking to push their skills and/or have an interest in modern art careers.

Students will learn about Anatomy Drawing, Gesture Drawing, Dynamic Posing, Character Perspective, Character Design, Drawing Clothing, Perspective Landscapes, & Colour Theory.

How the Year Works

The year is split up into short courses that tackle different subjects:

Term 1: Anatomy Studies
11 Jan – April 26

• Classic anatomy drawing
• Photo studies
• Names of important muscles
• In-depth studies:
torso, neck & shoulders, arms, hips & legs, hands, feet
• The head: Classic studies and Asaro model.
• In-depth studies:
Eyes, noses, ears, lips, chins, jaws, foreheads, back of heads.
• Gesture drawing (live)

Term 2: Stylization & Imagination
3 May – 30 Aug

• Shapes in 3 dimension
• Generation your own poses:
Reference > gesture drawing > anatomy study shape simplification, pose adjustment & stylization
• Dynamic & perspective posing
• Fabric, materials & texture studies
• Clothing & armor

Term 3: Prop & World Design
6 Sept – 20 Dec

• Understanding colour: theory, psychology & harmony
• Lighting: greyscale, light directions, 3-point lighting for characters
• 1 to 5-point perspective
• Building exterior suburban/city scenes
• Landscape painting

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